Regional monitoring and data collection

The EAMD Whisper is a new and specifically designed sensor platform for smaller payloads, low to medium altitude operations at medium range and flight duration, and features an advanced propulsion concept.

Missions previously carried out by helicopter can now be conducted quietly or even silently with this green alternative.

Significantly lower operating costs mean clear cost benefits. The special design also allows for simple refitting with different sensors.

Key data:

Ready for market 2023

We develop mass-produced, silent, and green alternatives to helicopters and small aircraft, with high potential savings.

Therefore, our products are more environmentally friendly alternatives

Areas of application

Safety and security

Safety and security

Law enforcement

Media & communication

Environment and research applications

Environmental protection

Commercial applications

Natural resources

Research & science

Media & communication


"The aviation industry must reinvent itself"

(WirtschaftsWoche, September 20, 2021)

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