Jedsy delivery drone

Unique delivery drone that is bidirectional.

World's only drone that has a smart approach ramp (patented Jedsy Mailbox) with charging station - easy to install on a window or balcony.

Up to 3 kg maximum load, therefore excellent to deliver laboratory samples, medicines, blood products but also small technical devices etc.

Drone in the form of a small glider flies at speeds of up to 150 km/h over a distance of 100 km range. This enables it to save money on time-critical deliveries and greatly reduce CO2 emissions.


Key Facts of Jedsy Drone

Lightning fast

Wir fliegen mit einer Geschwindigkeit von über 150 km/h.

Endless range

One battery charge takes us up to 100 km. At our landing stations, the drone charges automatically and can continue flying.


Up to 18 L volume and weight up to 3 kg can carry the Jedsy drone.

Transport box

We have developed various boxes especially for laboratories and hospitals.

Planned flights

Our routes can be planned according to your own specifications. Delays due to traffic jams, personnel bottlenecks, etc. are a thing of the past.


For urgent or unplanned deliveries, additional drones can be ordered using the Jedsy app.


Whether sunshine or rain, the Jedsy drone is ready for action. Only ice we do not like.


No monthly costs - only when the drone flies, the kilometers are charged. This is how we create simplicity and transparency in our cost structure.


Collecting samples at multiple locations is a breeze for the Jedsy drone.

Application areas Jedsy drone

Laboratory services

We fly at up to 150 km/h on a direct route without traffic directly to where the package is needed, when every second counts to save a life.

Lebenswichtige medizinische Güter

We deliver vital medical supplies, specimens, blood products and everything else that is important to the most remote places in the world. In this way, we enable equal access to medicines - no matter where people live.

"The aviation industry must reinvent itself"

(WirtschaftsWoche, September 20, 2021)

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