On the way to the "green aircraft industry“ – EAMD European AeroMarine Drones AG has acquired 51% of R.S. Red Eagle AG

Berlin, 31.08.22 EAMD European AeroMarine Drones AG (WKN: 661195 / ISIN: DE0006611957) has acquired a majority stake in R.S. Red Eagle AG, Trebbin. The sister company of the sports aircraft manufacturer Reiner Stemme Aero GmbH has been contributed to EAMD with 51% via a capital increase through contributions in kind. "With the acquisition of R.S. Red Eagle AG, we have secured the exclusive distribution of the new hybrid large drones and hybrid aircraft in the field of close-range and remote sensing," says Ulrich T. Grabowski, spokesman for the Executive Board of EAMD European AeroMarine Drones AG. "This puts us in a position as a new player to capture the market with environmentally friendly drones and aircraft and generate very attractive margins. The "green aircraft industry" is no longer just a vision. We want to be one of the first in the market to realize it."

Two drones are currently under development. The prototype EAMD Whisper, designed for regional use, will be unveiled in the fourth quarter of 2022, with first flight planned for 2023. The second model, the Geo-Explorer, will be able to cover significantly greater distances and have a payload of up to one ton, which will allow even more sensor technology on board for data acquisition. The Geo-Explorer will be ready for the market in 2024.

The areas of application for these high-tech drones with innovative propulsion systems are diverse. "There are already inquiries from the fields of security, disaster management, port monitoring, fisheries, energy and the environment," Grabowski said. "Data collection is becoming increasingly important. With our electrically powered and virtually silent large drones or work aircraft, we can make an important contribution here and replace the much more expensive and noisier helicopters used to date."

EAMD European AeroMarine Drones AG:
EAMD AeroMarine Drones AG is a publicly traded company based in Berlin, Germany. EAMD offers an innovative and sustainable aviation concept, for sovereign as well as civil applications, by replacing conventional drone propulsion technologies with hybrid, more cost-efficient solutions. The company stands for the technical change in aircraft technology towards hybrid technology (electric propulsion) as well as future-oriented further developments (diving aircraft). Under the umbrella of the company, the know-how of innovative, European medium-sized businesses and European

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